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Episode 15: SuperTedCast

Lauran Carter - Community Manager | Xbox HQ

September 1, 2017

You asked for it – or at least some of you did – and there’s a good chance you’re gonna regret it because here we are… the interviewer becomes the interviewee…

Thankfully I have been in the industry nearly a decade so I have experience to draw on and stories to tell: How I broke into games, how I got into community, mental health, Lionhead (of course, like I can stop talking about that ;)). There’s some good advice buried in there somewhere… I hope you find it 😛

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  • Todd Quest says:

    Just got into it and am loving it already. Persistence and Effort! Every day is a day to get a step closer to your dreams even if it’s just figuring out what not to do next time.

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