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Bonus Episode: 2016 GOTY with Lions


January 1, 2017

Woooooooohoooooo! GOTY bonus episode, everyone! I spent my New Years Eve with some of my nearest and dearest Lionhead family, so we felt it was the PERFECT opportunity to sit down and reminisce about some of our favourite games of 2016… or at least ‘favourite games we PLAYED in 2016’ 😉

It is a total ramble chat, we do talk over each other a little and go off piste but it was great fun and some AWESOME games were discussed. I love listening to developers talk about the games they love to play and why, so hopefully this will be a fun jaunt even for those of you already in the industry. Enjoy – and let me know your games of the year too! <3 As Ian mentioned at the end, Mark Brown can be found here:

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