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Lauran started her career in the Games Industry in 2009 when she joined EA as a Junior Product Manager. That was enough to give her the Games Industry bug, and from EA she went on to work at Codemasters Guildford as Office Manager for the Bodycount Dev team before completing a short stint at Media Molecule as Studio Assistant.

In 2012 she arrived at Lionhead Studios as PA/Team Admin and within 2 years had moved into Community Management, becoming the Community Team Assistant alongside her day-to-day admin role at Lionhead, before eventually being promoted to Social Media Coordinator in 2014.

Her role at Lionhead saw her appear on stage at the Microsoft Keynote at E3 2014 (and was subsequently trending on twitter as ‘#FableRedHead’ – true story). Her biggest achievement to date was to present Fable Legends on stage with Phil Spencer at the Windows 10 Devices announcement in 2015.

The SuperCoolCast was born from Lionhead’s unfortunate demise. Her role at Lionhead, and the studios before it, had introduced her to some passionate and talent personalities, and she wanted the world to hear their stories and hopefully learn something new or be encouraged to pursue a role in the Industry. She is passionate about making connections and sharing knowledge.

Lauran is also a crazy cat lady. You can be overwhelmed by photos of her cats by following her on Instagram! She also likes to sing… a lot… and if you’re interested you can hear some of that on her YouTube channel!

TL;DR: Lauran works in Vidya Games. She knows some clever people, and she wants to share them with you.

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