An update on Episode 13, featuring Liana Kerzner.

May 26, 2017 6:54 pm

Blogs >> An update on Episode 13, featuring Liana Kerzner.

Good Evening Everyone!

I wanted to give you a quick but REALLY exciting bit of news about Episode 13 of the podcast, due to be hitting your podcast apps and the website on June 1st. Usually I like to keep my guests secret until the podcast airs, for no real reason other than a little bit of surprise for you guys, but this time ’round I want to announce a little earlier, and for good reason.

The next guest on the SuperCoolCast is going to be the multi-talented, ever effervescent, incredibly knowledgeable, intensely engaging, cosplay extraordinaire LIANA KERZNER! IKR?! I can hardly believe it myself! Liana has been a heroine of mine for a while now, her ‘Gamers guide to Feminism‘ series on YouTube is informative and refreshing, and her ability to recall video games that you haven’t even thought about for 20 years is kind of mind blowing 😉



The reason that I want to tell you about Liana guesting early is because she is currently coming to the end of a kick starter for her new project – Lady Bits – that, although fully funded (three cheers for that!!) still has some AWESOME stretch goals to hit. If you can, please take some time this weekend to check out Lady Bits – it’s a super interesting project aiming, amongst many other things, to have an open discussion about female characters in video games, women in the video games industry and women who play video games.

YOU – as the player or creator, or both – are important to this discussion and Liana wants to hear from you! Women in the games industry – Please consider getting in contact with Liana if you want to impart your experience in the games industry (which you can do anonymously if you wish) and fear not, this is a chance to talk about the medium we love in an important and fun way!


Let’s be honest – we need to be able to have frank and open discussion about women in games and feminism and games, and it needs to be done without flaming or throwing swears at each other. I know Liana is the right girl for the job 😉 I’m hoping to get the next episode of the ‘cast out a few days early, but in the meantime I would love it if you guys – my faithful Podcats – could help me to spread the word about Lady Bits before the kick starter ends. I will reward you with… more podcasts! 😀

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